Hey I’m Nadia - I’m a hugger and I love people who hug back. So brace yourself for when we meet. I’m Italian by passport, British by postcode and a bit of a lost world citizen by heart.

Although it’s my not so secret plan to live in a cottage in Cornwall.

Photography is Not my passion - people are. Photography just gives me a good excuse to get close to them and their stories. 

My purpose in life and with my photography is to make people feel loved and like they belong. I believe I can use beauty to do that because beauty is love made visible.
My style and my whole work is very much guided by that sense of belonging and I want to create images that are effortless, free and easy. Who has time for posing anyway?

When I’m not shooting I host photography workshops that are not for the faint of heart: they’re about defining your own style and vision - and how to not copy the next hot photographer of the moment. We go deep and get our hands dirty with work - because I want to help people find the link between their story and their purpose and translate that into their work. 

In my spare time you can find me looking up cottages for sale in Cornwall, traveling to anywhere really (though I hate flying) and flicking through hamster photos on Pinterest. 

Session Titles


DAY TWO - “WHY YOU ARE INVISIBLE - The difference between successful & unsuccessful people”

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